Our Mission

At Charlie Mike Outfitters, it is our mission to make a difference. Founded by a disabled Army veteran, the intent behind Charlie Mike Outfitters was to create a clothing brand that not only looked good, but gave back to those who served our country. While rehabilitating several injuries sustained from a parachute accident while conducting an Airborne operation, our founder realized through his own treatment and his conversations with other wounded service members that there were a lot of things that would help make the transition to living as a disabled veteran easier, which unfortunately were not provided to these individuals. Therefore, he set out to start a company that could not only raise awareness about the struggles of being a disabled veteran of America's military, but also ensure that these brave men and women receive the extra support that they need.

Charlie Mike Outfitters proudly assists America's heroes in obtaining service dogs, supporting education and pursuing employment opportunities, as well as a myriad of other services, one t-shirt sale at a time. Wear our apparel confidently wherever you may go, knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of many who fought for our freedom.